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Newsletter "Popular content"

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Newsletter "Popular content" Empty Newsletter "Popular content"

Post by The Godfather April 23rd 2018, 5:55 pm

Newsletter "Popular content"

This feature allows you to automatically and regularly send the most popular contents of your forum to your users.

See how it looks like:

Activate the automatic newsletter

Go to your Administration panel  General  Newsletter - Newsletters "Popular contents"

Newsletter "Popular content" News110

Once the feature is enabled, a button allows you to preview what this newsletter would look like for your forum :

Newsletter "Popular content" News210

This button leads you to a page that displays the content of the mail your users would receive if it were sent at the time you look at it. Since the mail leaves at regular frequency, it is possible that popular content differs between the time you check the content of the newsletter, and the time it is sent.

Users options

Users can, as for classic newsletters, decide whether or not to receive popular content via their profile preferences :

Newsletter "Popular content" News310

They can also unsubscribe easily from the link at the bottom of each email received:

Newsletter "Popular content" News410

Customizing the content of this newsletter Newsletter "Popular content" 312592876

Go to your Administration panel  General  Newsletter - Newsletters "Popular contents"[/quote]

Forums that have subscribed to the Newsletter "Popular content" 312592876 package can customize the content of this "Popular Content" newsletter by indicating a title to the email, a description (kind of teaser), an image, and 5 topic links they wish to highlight in this newsletter. It is always required that these links be those of subjects whose reading is allowed to the guests.

Newsletter "Popular content" News510

Operating details

  • The automatic newsletter can contain up to 5 topics, 3 events, 3 publications, and 3 classified ads, coming from the forum, and according to what is activated or not,

  • The selected topics are selected according to an algorithm taking into account in particular the answers brought and the contents of the messages. They are selected only from forums that are readable by guests. The events, announcements and publications displayed are the three most recent in each category.

  • The frequency of sending this automatic newsletter is about one email every two weeks,

  • If during one of the periods of 15 days the forum has not accumulated enough activity for an automatic newsletter to be filled, no mail will be sent.

  • This feature is available for all forums, in all languages, except the older ones (charset other than UTF-8).

  • The "Popular contents" newsletters sent do not appear in the archives of newsletters sent in the "Tracking and archives" tab, and are not counted in the quota of newsletters sent

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