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Graphics Request

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Graphics Request Empty Graphics Request

Post by Merciful Flower September 21st 2018, 5:39 am

Creation Type: Banner, post buttons, forum icons.
Size (In Pixels): N/A
Primary Colors: N/A
Secondary Colors: N/A
Images to include: N/A
Text to Insert: Live your own kind of Fantasy
Font (Provide Download Link): N/A
Font Color: N/A
Link to My Forumotion Forum:
Username on Your Forum: Alina Monroe
Link to your Last Graphics Request: None
Detailed Description: So I'm leaving this pretty open but it is a Fantasy Human Rp in a Kings and Castles type of era and basically was thinking of doing something that shows a bit of everything about, magic, elements, etc. Along with a portal of some kind and a demon like creature. Let me know if you need more details!

For all the other things those are free range as long as they go with the theme. If you need anything let me know!
Merciful Flower
Merciful Flower

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Graphics Request Empty Re: Graphics Request

Post by skouliki September 21st 2018, 9:44 am


Sorry, Unfortunately, your request is denied. Your forum does not meet the Graphic Request Requirements. 
Feel free to open a new request, once your forum meets the requirements.
Please read our section rules:  Graphic Request & Proposal Rules

rules wrote:If you are new member of Forumotion, the following requirements apply to all forums in order to request graphics for your forum:
("New member" - the following request is for your first forum; you don't have any graphic requests before; your forum don't have members;)

Forum must have minimum of 10 users.
Forum must have minimum of 10 threads and 50 posts. (By at least 2 members.)

Graphics Request Scree195

rules wrote:Multiple graphic request in one request form is not allowed. Only one request type per topic. Each topic must have it's own request form filled out completely

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