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violent comment/degrading hatefull

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In progress violent comment/degrading hatefull

Post by February 14th 2020, 8:35 pm

hello, first time for me so be gentle,

we have this notice on our forum, violent comment/degrading or hatefull and a limit to fixing it
there was such a comment and it was brought to our attention and dealt with, the comment was deleted and the member warned,
the clock is still ticking and we don't know of any other action to do but the notice is still there to delete our forum in 5 days,

please advice me what to do,
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In progress Re: violent comment/degrading hatefull

Post by SLGray February 14th 2020, 9:43 pm

The litigation team will recheck the forum on or after the sate in the message you see in the AP.

violent comment/degrading hatefull Slgray10

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In progress Re: violent comment/degrading hatefull

Post by Ape February 14th 2020, 10:50 pm


It is down to you the founder of your forum to stick to the rules of your own forum and our TOS.

It has been noted that you broke our TOS and a request was made by members for posts to be removed.

Sadly I do not have links to the forum post to hand as i don't work in the Litigation team or the head office.

If you have a report on your forum from members you MUST take it serious after all your forum can be and will be closed down if you don't.

My advice is if you ban a member or a member asks for posts to be removed you do so.

If you have removed the posts you think may have been the problem then you have nothing to worry about.
when the time has ran out our team will look over your forum again and make sure you stick to our TOS if not you will be closed down.

Please re read our TOS again so you are 100% clear on our rules.

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