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Rectification on support via P.M

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Rectification on support via P.M Empty Rectification on support via P.M

Post by Tristou February 14th 2007, 19:01

Currently, we're receiving support requests by P.M. Support requests, which can, and should, be done in the support section.

Therefore, we'd ask you post your request in that section and only contact us through P.M's for Juridical or personal needs.
These needs include illegal forums or administration password recovery, which musn't be posted in public at all costs.

And finally, I'd like to add that we're not machines, so there's no need to call us by P.M to tell us of your topic. It will be answered whenever possible Wink.
Thanks for your comprehension Smile

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Rectification on support via P.M Empty Re: Rectification on support via P.M

Post by SLGray July 23rd 2017, 03:46

I have been receiving many support PM's lately.  Please read the first post again.

Rectification on support via P.M Slgray10

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