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Blue Star Line

Post by Blue Star Line on January 4th 2009, 8:41 am

My Forum, Blue Star Line is based around the game Ship Simulator 2008.
The main idea behind the forum is to make the simulator more realistic, by adding in the effect of being part of a company, like Blue Star Line.
We have many divisions in our forum, each category is 1 division of our company. We have a ferry division, a cruise division, a cargo division, a tugs division, port authority, travel agency, and a news division.
We can be found @
Our Main Language is English, but as we are collecting more and more Scandinavian members, we will soon be installing a Scandinavian board.
Our Staff:
Head Administrators:
Kapn Jonah(Me)
Second Class Administrators:
Capt. L.Henry
Captain Max
Global Modertators:

We are accepting members daily, and now have 56 users with the privelage of being a member on my wonderful forum, but ofcourse, dont give me all the glory, thank me, the other 3 administrators, and a few of the moderators, S.Reich, aaronbob and Matt5674, for making BSL an awesome place to be for our guests and members Very Happy

Blue Star Line
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Re: Blue Star Line

Post by SLGray on July 5th 2018, 8:31 pm

Since there is an issue with the link, this topic will be sent to the garbage.

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