Colour Editing For Dummies

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The Admin colour editing section - should it be made easier to work out what is being edited?

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Colour Editing For Dummies

Post by hannahl3 on February 3rd 2010, 12:47 pm

I, no doubt like many others, like to make subtle changes to the colouring of my forum and its text from time to time.

The problem as I see it, in Display>>Colurs, is that some of the descriptions of the possible edits are a little vague - for eg Background 1, 2, 3, link, visited link, active link, title font, main font, code font, columns header colour, bodyline colour, and so on. Quite often you can be editing what you suppose is correct, and on going to the forum you'll see that something unexpected has happened on an internal page and the editing has to be re-done again.

Would it not be possible to have a view-list of what is going to be edited if you play with each field, a little along the lines of the Display>>Pics Management page?

Also consider those new arrivals that have no interest in going into reams of code, or those new forum customers that have no intention of visiting this support forum as they just want a simple quick online message board and have no idea what the basic colour editor is capable of. A list of colour codes and vague edit descriptions will deter them from ever doing any customisation at all.

In fact, a properly laid out instruction section on the page itself, or even as a collection of mouseover pop-ups (which might need a toggle on/off option) might even tempt more users into starting their own forums once they realise that they are not stuck with basic template layouts and colours

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Re: Colour Editing For Dummies

Post by Jophy on April 17th 2013, 3:01 pm

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