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How does a backup work ? Empty How does a backup work ?

Post by Shadow on February 16th 2010, 10:07 am

How does a forum backup work ?

How does a backup work ? 09615110What is a backup?

A backup is a process aimed to restore data that has been lost due to a technical problem or a mishandling.
Examples : If you remove members, messages, lost your skin, etc.

To make perform a backup you need to go to Forumotion forum utilities.

How does a backup work ? 09615110How to access the utilities

On this page: Forumotion forum utilities.
You will be asked the following information:

  • A login: Use your creation email address or your forum address.
  • The password: Password used at forum creation.

    Then click "Click here to authenticate"
    How does a backup work ? 27a1 Forgot your password?

Once logged in to your forum utilities, you will see several tabs and options appear at the top. Click on the one that says 'Backup system'.

How does a backup work ? Fm_bac10

How does a backup work ? 09615110How to use the backup system

Several dates of restoration are available to you. Each date is a backup point of your forum, and usually the list of dates gives you save points up to plus or minus one year. You can only backup your forum to one of the dates listed, a backup to any other date or beyond the latest date displayed is impossible.

How does a backup work ? Fm_bac11

There are 3 types of backups you can perform, each of which will restore certain parts and elements. These are explained in more detail below.

The 3 types of backups and what they do:

  • Messages and users: Allows you to restore forum content, members and posted messages to an earlier date.
  • Theme Only: Allows you to restore the graphical settings of your forum: image management, colors and your custom CSS style sheet. It should be noted that custom javascript codes are not included in the "theme only" backup, but are part of a full backup.
  • Full backup: Restores everything that the first two options do (Messages, Users, Theme, etc) except that it also restores any javascripts and custom templates you may have had.

Example: If on March 4th you restore your forum to February 20th, all the content that existed on February 20th but no longer exists on March 4th will be restored on the forum. Content created between February 20th and March 4th will not be removed from the forum by the backup. In short, a backup does not delete anything, it only adds (or replaces) content. Warning : The created content may be overwritten by the backup if the structure of the forum has changed in the meantime.

Note that the backup may take time depending on how big your forum is. You must not leave the page before the backup is completed! If the data of the forum that you are trying recover are important and the first backup does not recover them the first try, you to try the backup again a few times, as it may take a few tries for all data to fully come back. Note that you can only perform a backup twenty (20) times in one day (24 hours).

Important notes:

  • You can only perform a backup twenty times in every 24 hours.
  • A backup of your forum can not go back more than a year.
  • For security reasons, the backup will synchronize the password of the founder account with that of the forum utilities and will remove all administrators of the forum besides the founder (/u1) account. It will be necessary to give any admins back their administrative powers.
  • The statistics of the forum can remain out of wack after a back-up (number of messages, number of members, etc). Sending a message and registering a new member will update these statistics automatically. If you want to force the refresh, you can do it in your admin panel (General How does a backup work ? 27a1 Configuration How does a backup work ? 27a1 Resynchronize your forum) .

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