How does a backup work ?

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How does a backup work ?

Post by Shadow on February 16th 2010, 10:07 am

How does a backup work ?

Recently, backups have been working in a different way, in order to maximize the potential of our founders. This tutorial therefore aims to explain this new mode of operation.

What is a backup ?

A backup is a process aimed to restore data that has been lost due to a technical problem or a mishandling.
Examples : If you remove members, messages, lost your skin, etc

To make a backup you need to go to Forumotion forum utilities.

How to access the utilities ?

► On this page: Forumotion forum utilities.
You will be asked the following information:

  • A login: Use your creation email address or your forum address.
  • The password: Password used at forum creation.

    Then click "Click here to authenticate"
    Arrow Founder : Lost your password ?

How does a backup work ?

Several dates are offered. Each date is a backup of your forum.

If you restore your forum with a full backup on date X, the entire board will be restored (Note: The "gains" of the forum may be crushed if the structure of the forum has changed in the meantime). The forum is restored in the exact state it was on the chosen date, ie a backup on a date X is a copy of the forum on the date X. To retrieve your gains made after date X, you must make a second backup.

For an example :

If I choose to restore on 2010-02-07, all posts made since 7th February will be erased, the same for all members registered since that date.

After making 2010-02-07 backup, I will have to make a 2010-02-15 full backup to retrieve all new members and messages posted between 7th february and 15th.

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You might understand better with this :

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