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Post by Shadow December 3rd 2007, 2:38 pm

HI I'm Jalokim a graphics artist and together with Typlo we've decided to create an English version of the french themes-actif.
The forum would host professional themes for forumotion clients in .bbtheme format
But before any forum can be started I need staff members

Job positions :
Themers (people who do entire themes in CSS or in simple color edit)
Button creators (people who make great buttons for forums)
Banner creators (people who specialize in banners)

I need as many staff members as I can find.Help this great community by hosting your very own themes or by creating great themes for others to use!
If anybody is interested in helping please PM me

If you have any questions or any ideas please post them here!

Just incase you think this is bogus : heres my photobucket account
my very own forumotion site with its very own theme
and heres the link to the original theme-actif

Edit : The forum is finished, and can be found at this address :
Please do all your graphic requests on Thememotion Wink

thanks for listening
please PM asap

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