Suggestion to add shoutbox

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Should Forumotion add a shoutbox to their foorum fast-setup ?

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Suggestion to add shoutbox

Post by kevin-kyo on August 26th 2014, 11:17 am

Hai i know i can add chat box in my forum (already done it), but what i would like even more isto hgave a shoutbox.

(shoutbox that save shouts) that u dont have to log in with. it displays all shouts at all time, and save up to a certain ammount of shouts.
the way it will be displayed is the same way as the chat box.

is it possiblie that this is a feature that might be possiblie it gets added in your service  so everyone can choose to install it if they want in same way as the chat box ?

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Re: Suggestion to add shoutbox

Post by SLGray on August 26th 2014, 6:26 pm

Please add a poll so members can vote.

You can add a shoubox by getting the code for one and adding the code to your forum.

P.S.  This suggestion has already been suggested - .

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