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Liquid Code Empty Liquid Code

Post by _Twisted_Mods_ January 24th 2015, 5:45 pm

Liquid Code 9HwGRCAQJOUrSItDOQBy+liquidcode5

Choice of Category:
Forum Services
Choice of Title: Liquid Code
Forum Address:
Main Language: English
Forum Description: Newly created forum to help members of forumotion add awesome scripts and codes to their forums..a couple example scripts.. add points via a users profile, custom member list fields, post profile mood mod... there are tons more to come .. anyone is welcome to join and share there skills or look around .. we have sections for submitting scripts and also testing scripts .. we also have a help section if you need help with anything on our forum or perhaps something your creating either way we are always here for you

Coding Factory

in this section you can submit scripts that will be approved if they do not violate any TOS and moved to the testing section for staff and members to test and help you make your script run the way you want it to after that the script will be moved to finished scripts or to the css script section for members or staff to add css to your script then moved to finished script section
-Script submission
This is where you will submit your script for review. this is mainly to make sure your script does not break any TOS .. Then will be passed onto the Testing Section.

--Script Testing
This is where users will test scripts after passing review.
--Css For Scripts
After scripts have passed testing if they can be styled with css they will be sent to this section where one or two basic styles will be created ... then sent to Finished script archive.
--Finished scripts
All tested and finished scripts will be here

css tricks to help you make the design of your forum stand out among others

Template Mods
in this area you will find helpful stuff that will show you how to move stuff around in your template or remove stuff from your template and other helpful stuff

Helpful Tips & Tricks
helpful tips and tricks to help you with your forum

The Help Center

Help With Our Scripts
cant figure something out with one of our scripts or it just doesn't work for you lets us know and we will try to help you solve the issue
Help With Other Scripts
are you creating something and just got stuck in some code or perhaps you found a code somewhere and need help with it .. let us know and we will try our best to assist you
Help With Css
some of our css codes don't work for your forum or you just need help with designing something with css let us know and we will try our best to help
Help With Graphics
wanna learn how to do something or seen a effect in a photo you want to learn how to do just ask we will try our best to help
Other Help
need help with something else that just don't fit into the other categories just ask here

Graphics Design

Graphics Request
this is where you can request graphics for something your creating or have created that will be released on this forum
Graphics Showoff
show off your art work whether it was photo you taken of designed with software fill free to show them off here .. as long as the photos belong to you
Graphics Contest
this is where our graphics team will hold our contest


Welcome Center
fill free to introduce yourself here
ideas discussion about scripts, css, anything forum design or add-on related
General Chat
you can talk about anything and everything here just follow the forum rules
Forum Suggestions
Have an idea for the forum to make it better or see something wrong..Post Here
This is where you can introduce yourself to the forum

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Liquid Code Empty Re: Liquid Code

Post by Guest January 24th 2015, 7:58 pm

Happy to be part of Liquid Code! Liquid Code 1838004359

Liquid Code 9HwGRCAQJOUrSItDOQBy+liquidcode5

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Liquid Code Empty Re: Liquid Code

Post by brandon_g January 24th 2015, 8:04 pm

Love Liquid Codes so far, can only get better!

Liquid Code Brando10
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Liquid Code Scre1476
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Liquid Code Empty Re: Liquid Code

Post by Guest January 25th 2015, 5:06 pm

Liquid Code 9HwGRCAQJOUrSItDOQBy+liquidcode5

Looking for new members on our most creative site ever: Liquid Code. We've just got started but creativity is running at 110% and our Scripting Factory works like a dream.

Are you looking for the best? Wanna hear the latest tech talk? Restyle, tweak your website and get the best out of it the way YOU want it? Good at JS and CSS or just new to it all? You're all welcome to Liquid Code! Show yourselves (off) on Liquid Code and be part of the next generation! We got it all!

The best ideas, creativity and support, just one team for all, just a click away! Registering is easy...

So hit that register button on and join us!

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Liquid Code Empty Re: Liquid Code

Post by _Twisted_Mods_ February 8th 2015, 7:50 am

newest script added

this is basically 1 widget to contain multiple widgets .. has includes code to work on all 4 versions

Liquid Code 6O6zCdjSSKzWqZqIP3J4+lcstatsdemo

it contains

  • Top posters
  • Top posting users this month
  • Recent topics "with scrolling turned off"
  • Top posting users this week
  • Most Viewed Topics
  • Most active topics
  • list of topics or links of your choice
  • and last 5 registered users


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Liquid Code Empty Re: Liquid Code

Post by Eugeo Igvalt February 8th 2015, 5:11 pm

It's an awesome forum so far and I like it a lot. Can't wait to see it grow more.
Eugeo Igvalt
Eugeo Igvalt

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