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Post by Agent Ward on February 10th 2015, 5:22 am

Choice of Category: Games and RPG.
Choice of Title: Spam Heaven!
Forum Address:
Main Language: English.
Forum Description: We mainly relax, talk about stuff in the spam sub-forum, and discuss YGO/other games.


Have you ever wanted to just make a random thread and spam to your heart's content? Well, now you can! Spam Heaven has an entire sub-forum just for spamming! And don't worry: We discuss YGO and other games like Pokemon, Force of Will, Magic: The Gathering, etc. There are NO restrictions on what kinds of threads you make! I mean, aside from REALLY bad threads. Use common sense to avoid creating those.  Smile
UPDATE: We now have a Cookie Shop! Formerly known as "points", I have renamed them to "cookies"! I will take away points from you in exchange for a privelege, such as: A name change, a special rank, access to admin panel for a day, and much, MUCH more! We also have an arcade! Click on it in the navigation bar and you can play arcade games right there on the forum!
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Post by SLGray on March 25th 2019, 12:38 am

Since the link does not work, this topic will be sent to the garbage.

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