How to stop guests from opening spoilers?

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Solved How to stop guests from opening spoilers?

Post by RRC on February 12th 2016, 4:46 pm

From memory, forum users had to be logged in if they wanted to view the contents of spoilers.
It seems that this has changed (I don't know when) in our forum without any obvious cause and everyone who visits can now open spoilers.
As members use spoilers to post sensitive stuff that might be libels, it's important to bar guests from seeing these.

Our list of permissions covering Guests, Members etc. lists categories and topics but not features like Spoilers.
I've searched this site under Spoiler and Guest but haven't found anything that seems relevant.

Has anyone else come across this problem of Spoilers which can be opened by all and sundry?

Any help and advice would be very welcome.

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Solved Re: How to stop guests from opening spoilers?

Post by brandon_g on February 12th 2016, 5:35 pm


Spoilers have always been able to be opened by guests, if a guest can read/see the post. If someone is posting sensitive information in a spoiler, that they don't want guests to read, they can put the spoiler in
tags, then ONLY users who have posted in the topic and moderators/admins can see the spoiler and be able to open it. If guest posting is disabled, then they can't reply to the topic and as a result, the spoiler along with any content inside the hide tags, will remain hidden.


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Solved Re: How to stop guests from opening spoilers?

Post by APE on February 14th 2016, 12:32 am

Topic solved and archived


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