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Solved Confirmation before delete

Post by johnmcspunkencock on May 11th 2016, 10:31 pm

Hi guys

Before any post is deleted, moved, split etc I would like the option of confirming it first as to avoid any loss by myself or moderators. I am about to open a standard forumation free forum so how and where do I set it so any action will require this?
Currently, clicking delete will just straight delete without any 'are you sure you want to complete this action?' Or whatever it says. Have looked and couldn't see that option in Admin panel

Cheers ;-)
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Solved Re: Confirmation before delete

Post by brandon_g on May 11th 2016, 11:00 pm


Actually if you click delete it should ask for confirmation first and if you hit yes then it is deleted, it shouldnt just stright delete. Splitting and merging requires performing like a 4 step process as is (plus a confirmation page) so the chances of doing these accidentally are very small. The only moderation action that doesnt have a confirmation message is move, however, moving a topic by accident isn't terribly damaging as you can always move it back to the proper again if need be. Wink

What you are asking should already happen automatically by default, unless you have installed codes and stuff that force the system to by pass them.


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