Website Breeched by Hacker. Please help Asap!

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Solved Website Breeched by Hacker. Please help Asap!

Post by R3Z on May 24th 2016, 8:51 am

Hey everyone. I apologize in advance if I am in the wrong section, or if I violate any of the TOS by posting pics of evidence of my attaker but I was recently hacked. I created an online gaming communtiy(, and when I visited the site, a lot of unwanted "stuff" was noticed. I posted some pics of the proof of my security to show that someone did what they did. I believe I know who it is by the way. An old friend I use to play games withh was recently banned from my forums for attempting to ddos the website and as well me. In many failed attempts, I believe that he retaliated with what he thought would be funny. He changed all my topics, disabled a bunch of stuff that will no longer let me re-enable, and changed a lot of user's passwords and emails so they no longer can visit the site. Now I want to know if he can be traced down and also if legal actions could be taken upon the attacker for violating a website breach(if thats a thing lol). So here are the pictures of proof:

Now looking at the Security Log, the attacker decided to register his username AGAIN after I banned him to his SAME username(Iinstinctgaming). As you can see, his ip is being filtered via a vpn. The ip traced to Kansas City, and he resides in Virginia(im sorry for posting the IP down. Not sure if thats allowed. Sorry). Now I am not sure what Forumotion can do at this point if anything but I want him to know that doing this stuff is unacceptable and against the law. He may continue to do it with other websites I create and that can not happen. Now I am not sure how he got the password for the users but it seems like he logged into a bunch of my other user's accounts and changed things too hoping I would blame them. But clearly the user Iinstinctgaming has the same vpn ip as the "attackers". Thanks!

Edit: I also do want to add that he grabbed all of my administrators ip's and now I understand why they were getting hit offline. Also he claims that I have DDOSed him in the past and that is completely false. Somehow my network will redirect any infected packets sent to my ip address and it hits that person offline if he or she uses a local stresser. He is using a local stresser and claims that I myself booted him offline. So i have no idea what his problem is.

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Solved Re: Website Breeched by Hacker. Please help Asap!

Post by SLGray on May 25th 2016, 11:03 pm

This was handled by pm.

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