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In progress Banner Ad at top of pages

Post by skip77 on January 9th 2017, 5:22 pm

Im new to forumotion and noticed recently that an ad banner is showing up at the top of my pages - is this from forumotion or google and can i remove this? Originally, there was no ad on the forum pages and i was happy to say the forum had no ads as a perk for people to join. Has my forum been spammed or something?

Here is my forum so you can see the ad I am referring to:
Frog Fishing Forum
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In progress Re: Banner Ad at top of pages

Post by skouliki on January 9th 2017, 5:25 pm


You have to use credits to remove the ads.

AP > Misc. > Credits Management

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In progress Re: Banner Ad at top of pages

Post by APE on January 9th 2017, 5:40 pm

Hello and first of all welcome to the World of Forumotion And the support forum.

When making your forum the ad's will not show for about 2 days some times a little sooner.

when logged in as founder you will not see them ad's but all your members will.

What are the ad's for ? :

The ad's are put in-place by us to make money to continue giving you a Free hosted forum.

Can I remove the Ad's? :

Yes sure you can but you will need to buy Credits to do so.

How do i buy credits ? :

You can buy credits by logging is as founder of your forum and go to the following
page on your forum ACP

  Find settings at:

ACP (Administration control panel)  Misc Tab     Credits management Buy credits.

its the same page to spend your credits

Can I remove credits without credits ? :

No doing so will make you loose your forum and your forum will be banned without Notice

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