Facebook Connect and HTTP forums

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Facebook Connect and HTTP forums

Post by Shadow on September 11th 2018, 7:46 pm

Dear members,

The Facebook Connect module allows users to register and connect to forums using their Facebook accounts.

Voir l'exemple:

By October 6, 2018, Facebook will require that all uses of Facebook Connect come from HTTPS pages. From that date, all Facebook redirections must use the HTTPS protocol, and connections from unsecured sites won't work anymore.

If you have configured Facebook Connect on your forum during the last 6 months (since March 2018), Facebook already required the HTTPS protocol for the app created to work. For others, all Facebook Connect configurations prior to March 2018 will stop working if your forum is not in HTTPS.

Am I concerned?

You are affected by this change if:

  • the Facebook Connect button is activated on your forum
  • the SSL certificate is not activated on your forum.

If you have already activated the SSL certificate, your forum already uses the HTTPS protocol and is therefore not affected. You can see this by checking that your forum displays a secure connection. If this is not the case, you will have to switch your forum to HTTPS.

Keep using Facebook Connect

To use the HTTPS protocol, your forum must use an SSL certificate, which is an option included in the Advanced and Premium packages.

Subscribe to a package

Administration panel  Misc  Credits management - Forumotion packages

If you have not already done so, subscribe to an or package: (how to?)

Enable SSL Certificate

Administration panel  Misc  Credits management - Forumotion packages

In the "Enabling the SSL certificate (HTTPS)" section, click on the "Modify" button to order the installation of your certificate.

Then click on the "Install SSL Certificate" button:

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