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Forced Default Templates .

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Solved Forced Default Templates .

Post by azwiz September 18th 2023, 6:02 am

Recently in another thread . You recommended to me that I try to force the default templates . So I did . In the General category .

Forced Default Templates .  Defaul11

I only noticed a couple things .

1) activated the " like " and " dislike " below each post .

Forced Default Templates .  Like_a10

2) activated a " RECENTLY SHARED IMAGES " display at the bottom of the main page .

Forced Default Templates .  Recent10

I really don't care or mind the " like " and " dislike ".

But I was thinking that the recently shared images was something only I could see . WOW was I wrong . I logged out and it was still displaying .

I need to find out how to hide that or disable it , or where it is so I can delete it . I can't seem to find it anywhere .

I'm sure those features are nothing new to most . But in 10 years I have never clicked the " force the default templates " before . Didn't even think about it .

Other changes may have happened that I haven't noticed yet .

But I need to stop the " RECENTLY SHARED IMAGES ".

Please guide me in that direction .

Thank you

Nevermind . Found it . Never was there before .

Forced Default Templates .  Activa14

Solved .

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Solved Re: Forced Default Templates .

Post by skouliki September 18th 2023, 7:43 am

Topic moved to the garbage.
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