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How to see "the members post" in topic

Forum version : #phpBB2
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Scenario 1

There is a novel, subject publisher, name A (#1, user_id=20)
A In the same topic (t00001-topic), and publish chapters #2, #3, #4, #5....

Some people saw A's novel and liked it very much, so reply to the message to support #6, #7, #8

And A continues to publish his novel #9, #10, #11

However, there are other people who don't like to see other people's posts in the topic (t00001-topic), but only want to see the author's post (user_id=20)).

At this time, they need to have a button.

After clicking, they can only see the posts of the author (user_id=20), not everyone’s posts, and they don’t need to jump to page2, page3, page4...

(Of course, click the button again, the post will return to normal, and everyone's replies will be visible)

Scenario 2
At the top of everyone’s post, you can have a "button"

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I think it might be necessary to extract the ID from the theme, create a button and link the member ID?
Because each member has an ID when registering (for example: u12345, u23456, u34567...)
But I don’t have any relevant foundation for this part. I need professional advice from you. Thank you very much.

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by Winging
on June 30th 2021, 10:27 am
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Topic: How to see "the members post" in topic
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Post Number for phpBB3

I still have problem with post number like below:

- Page No.1: #1, #2, #3,....#9, #10 (Okay)
- Page No.2: #9, # 10, #11,..., #17, #18 ( repeat #9 and #10)
- Page No.3: #8, #9, #10,..., #16, #17 (Wrong number)

Please try this again!
Thank you!
by AlexisMcDevin
on December 30th 2014, 11:00 pm
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Topic: Post Number for phpBB3
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