[The Best Forum] Music and Radio

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[The Best Forum] Music and Radio

Post by Derri on March 16th 2015, 10:28 am

The Best Forum: Music and Radio

The Best Forum

Every 15 days, Forumotion will select one exceptional forum to feature on Forumotion social networks and the Support forum of forumotion.

What a better opportunity for promoting your forum for free?

- Twice a month, we will provide the theme of the 2 following weeks (for example cinema, cooking, RPG…).
- All users having a forum linked to the chosen theme, can submit it on Forumotion's Facebook Page
-Of course, for running the game, forum must fit with Forumotion ToS. Otherwise, Forumotion could delete the post.
- It is not allowed to send multiple posts. In that case, your application will be not considered.

From the 13 March to the 27 of March the theme will be on Music and Radio.

How to enter the game?

-Facebook: You should submit your forum directly on the concerning post and write the following sentence: “The best free forum + url of your forum” on our Forumotion Facebook Page
Note: if you don’t submit your forum on the concerning post but directly on the Forumotion Facebook page, Forumotion will not take into account your participation.

Results: :wouhou:

We will be announcing the winner at the end of the second week. The concerning forum will be promoted on Forumotion Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ and The Support Forum.

Don't forget:

From the 13 March to the 27 of March the theme will be on Music and Radio.

If you have any questions, click on the link:I NEED HELP

Be ready ! See you soon dear members Very Happy  bye

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Re: [The Best Forum] Music and Radio

Post by brandon_g on March 16th 2015, 11:31 am

Oh yay! One that fits my theme pretty well! Myself running a Broadcasting Forum (rare) thought I would have enter at the next closest theme (Computers, internet, music, entertainment, etc). Thanks forumotion Very Happy! Now to enter we just leave a comment on their FB post?

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