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Servimg Login Problem

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In progress Servimg Login Problem

Post by alperkaraca Mon 15 Jun 2015 - 17:27

Hi, I speak Turkish. Sorry for my bad English.

My forum is :
My Servimg e-mail: Email Removed

I forget my Servimg password. I send password to my e-mail ( But, my e-mail address isn't working. E-mail address (e-mail domain) was closed.  Crying or Very sad
My new address : Email Removed

I want my password. I want login to Servimg. Please help me. This is very important for me.

Already, thanks for your help
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In progress Re: Servimg Login Problem

Post by Sir. Mayo Mon 15 Jun 2015 - 18:20

Just an fyi its never a good idea to post your email address on the forum because its open for the public. The login should be the email you created your forum with and you Admin password.

Also you should pm a manager for this issue they are:
@derri @slgray @ange tuteur
Sir. Mayo
Sir. Mayo

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In progress Re: Servimg Login Problem

Post by SLGray Mon 15 Jun 2015 - 18:23

Please do not post email addresses on a PUBLIC forum.  I removed the email addresses from your post for your safety.

Servimg Login Problem Slgray10

When your topic has been solved, ensure you mark the topic solved.
Never post your email in public.

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In progress Re: Servimg Login Problem

Post by darkline33 Wed 17 Jun 2015 - 22:34

I don't understand.

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