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In progress Exporting Forumotion Forum

Post by Frank_Wx on March 29th 2016, 1:43 am


I'm thinking about hiring someone to build / create my own website, specifically a forum. I told them I currently use Forumotion and they have a few questions:

1. What migrating features does Forumotion offer? Is there an easy feature which allows for easy exporting of files and importing to other platforms?

2. Can anyone explain to me what a host does? Is my current Forumotion Forum on a host? Do I need a host?


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In progress Re: Exporting Forumotion Forum

Post by Ange Tuteur on March 29th 2016, 2:05 am


1. Forumotion only allows importing external forums. Exporting is not a possible feature. Please see "Data and Security" of the terms you agreed to while creating your forum. Unfortunately you will either have to start from scratch or copy content over manually that you want.

2. Forumotion is a free forum host ; Forumotion ( or the parent company ) hosts your forum and provides routine maintenance, updates, etc.. for you.
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In progress Re: Exporting Forumotion Forum

Post by brandon_g on March 29th 2016, 6:09 am


What Ange Tuteur says is spot on. I just want to add, that forumotion is the host of the forum and because of this, all the hard work has been done for you, a traditional host/service provider only provides hosting services, but you have to code everything yourself etc, now while coding yourself allows you maximum control of all possible features and opens the gate to many many little features, but if your not good with coding or dont have the time do all of that, a host like forumotion is great, because the forum is taken care of from tech side of things and you dont have to worry about 'wiring in the back' so to speak and can instead focus your time on building your forum up and getting it active and also be able to get out in the community and associate with your users and not have to drop whatever you were doing to fix a little bug or glitch that pops up in coding somewhere. Smile

In summary: A host like forumotion that takes care of the tech side of things, takes the complexity and 'coder', 'web developer' and computer wiz right out of creating and running a forum. With hosts like forumotion, even the most non tech savvy person could create and run a SUCCESSFUL and active forum. Smile


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