Broken Code

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Broken Code

Post by Cassie-Louise Hanlon on August 16th 2017, 11:14 pm

Technical Details

Forum version : #phpBB2
Position : Founder
Concerned browser(s) : Other
Screenshot of problem : -
Who the problem concerns : All members
When the problem appeared : Today
Forum link :

Description of problem

With the recent updates to the Forumotion platform, I have received numerous reports that my users cannot post new topics using the mobile interface. They can type a topic title and description but the “Send” button remains disabled.

To investigate this issue, I connected my iPhone to my laptop and viewed the Web Developer console.

Upon page load, the following JavaScript Error occurs:

TypeError: $("#text_editor_textarea").sceditor is not a function. (In '$("#text_editor_textarea").sceditor("instance")', '$("#text_editor_textarea").sceditor' is undefined)

The jQuery element for the textarea seems to resolve correctly but the attached editor instance is undefined. I cannot seem to find it in the scripts included in the mobile template so I am assuming it has been left out by mistake.

Attached are screenshots of the issue and the Developer console.
Cassie-Louise Hanlon
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Re: Broken Code

Post by SLGray on August 16th 2017, 11:25 pm

Do you have JavaScripts?

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Re: Broken Code

Post by Justice™ on August 24th 2017, 9:22 pm


On mobile, fm forums don't use sceditor, but just a plain textarea. The problem on your forum is most likely somewhere in the templates. If you have modified mobile templates, take a look at them and you should find the problematic script. If you can't find them, post the templates here on the forum or send them to me by PM if you don't feel comfortable with doing that.

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