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In progress Editing Rights

Post by Castiel on December 5th 2018, 4:01 am


I have two questions:

- How do we disable post editing rights for certain moderators so that they can't edit the posts of the webmaster and gamemaster? We don't want anyone to be able to edit the posts of the webmaster and gamemaster account.

- How do we disable profile editing rights for moderators to edit the profiles of users? We do not want every moderator to be automatically capable of editing the profiles of users. Right now, everyone that is somehow a moderator of a forum they need to keep clean can edit the profiles of all the users. Only specific users should be able to edit profiles on our forum.



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In progress Re: Editing Rights

Post by brandon_g on December 5th 2018, 4:21 am


By the default options there is no way to prevent a moderator of a section from editing any posts in the section, as a user with moderation permissions in a section are considered by our system to 'be equal' and thus have the authority to edit any post in that section, including other staff members.

Same thing with the profile editing, if the profile field is set so Moderators can edit it, then ANY staff member with moderation permissions in ANY section can edit that field. There is no option in the admin panel to prevent this.

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