Widgets scroll with page?

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In progress Widgets scroll with page?

Post by EEYEN3 on October 23rd 2015, 1:33 am


(Obligatory I don't know how to javascript so please dumb it down for me)

OK, so when there is a long topic, the widgets we have run out and there is a big blank space when you're scrolling and it looks bad. Would it be possible to have the final widget, the one on the bottom, stay with the bottom of the page when you scroll that far? To clarify... What I want is for when the main forum page is longer than the widgets, the widgets scroll down with it. However, I don't want them fixed as I have more widgets than what can be displayed properly.

Hopefully I explained that well enough.


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In progress Re: Widgets scroll with page?

Post by brandon_g on October 26th 2015, 5:34 pm


Let me see if I understand correctly, you want the widgets on your forum to scroll down with the page, not stay in 1 place?


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