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Spam pop-ups and virus problem

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In progress Spam pop-ups and virus problem

Post by Otangelo Grasso February 18th 2016, 1:04 pm

Users that visit my forum ( which is rather a personal virtual library ) complain that when they access a page, or a topic, a pop-up window shows up, and who has a anti-virus, complains that his anti virus signalizes that the webpage has a harmful virus. how can i solve this problem ?

I want also to make a back up of all the information , how can i do this ?
Otangelo Grasso
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In progress Re: Spam pop-ups and virus problem

Post by brandon_g February 18th 2016, 2:49 pm


First off, I just want to let you know all Forumotion forums are secure and that there is no malware or viruses on your forum, so you and users don't need to worry. Smile

As for the user's anti virus software targetting your site as a threat, try asking them to add your site to its whitelist or safelist and see if it this helps resolve the issue. If this still doesn't get it to stop, then ask him/her what anti virus they are using, as if all else fails, then our main office can call the anti virus company/developer and clear things up and get them removed from their lists/servers.

As for the pop up thing, may you please ask your user for a screenshot of the pop up? This will help us better understand what your user is getting and help us better help you or them fix it. I can tell you now though, that FM does not use pop up ads, so rest assured of this.


Spam pop-ups and virus problem Brando10
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