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starting a project

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starting a project

Post by lu1dak1d09 on July 21st 2017, 4:39 pm

Hello my name is luis,

I have always enjoy playing rpg games and helping others create and or code for servers such as runescape private servers.

So im going to get down to the slice of the cheese,

I want to create a forum rpg game where I can costumize it to my liking,
( like delugerpg - pokemon rpg forum)

Ive coded for rpg maker xv and ace before.

I want to be able to add monsters that appear and people can fight them group up on them. I want to have serource areas to gather materials to create items armor weapons.

I want to make raid dungeons. bosses. many monsters with abilities and attack styles

I want to create a customize character in wich you can add every armor type from weapon to boots chestplate legs cape etc...

a guild system,

Rank system,

point system, to buy items with irl cash. only cosmitics. not a p2w game but a f2p hardworking game.

I want it do be adventures without the use of energy to move around like thers games have and having to wait to do anything...

so im asking everyone who knows about this to guide me in the direction of what script to look for were do I put it. iam a beginner at starting out games but I work hard and learn very fast. I know how to code and I research a lot.

I just need some help in knowing what im looking for to start it I know it will take a long time to make but I don't mind.

thank you,


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Re: starting a project

Post by lu1dak1d09 on July 21st 2017, 4:43 pm

I can always change the punBB to the other types if mine aint usable for my project
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Re: starting a project

Post by APE on July 21st 2017, 6:41 pm

Hello and welcome to the English support forum. Shake
First of all Please follow our rules that can be found here   Rules & Important Points
Please don't double post. Your posts need to be separated by 24 hours before bumping. Please use the edit button, instead!
Please read our forum rules:  ESF General Rules
Most of the things you are asking for would need server side tools and codes to make and sadly this is not given to you or any one sorry.

As for ranks and points well you can find lots of posts and helpful posts in the forum by running a search.
Helpful links CLICK TO SEE:

  Helpful links:

                 Tricks and tips secession
                Auto-Subscribe to groups
                Points Shop Ideas
                Add an image to the rank name ( + customizing ranks)
                Award system
                Add a bar for Reputation
                Improve the reputation system so it counts votes

                    FAQ secession
User Ranks
                Auto-Subscribe to groups
                How to manage Permissions
                Personalized Profile fields / Warning System
                The Advanced profile
                Reputation system (Evaluation   "Thanks" Button)
                The points system
                The RPG feature
This is a list of all the things you may want to read each one is a fast link to the threads made to help you faster.


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Re: starting a project

Post by Justice™ on July 21st 2017, 8:36 pm


As Ape said, most of the things that you are asking for would need server-side scripting and access to a database. While it's possible to have them without server or database, it would be slower, less secure and less professional. Forumotion is not suitable for this kind of things.

If you still want to use forumotion, you'll need a server and solide php(or other server-side language), databases and javascript knowledge. Whatever you choose to do, good luck! Smile

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